The calculation of the prices for our services depends on various factors and can be agreed upon individually in every single case. All given prices are net prices. 19% VAT will be added each time.


Language Training

The prices per unit will vary according to the training mode. One learning unit (LU) of language training will last 45 minutes. If you will book a package of 30 LUs, you will get a rebate of 5%.



Every translation order is different. This is why translation prices will not just depend on the language combination or the length of the text but also on its difficulty and the necessary time frame.


In principle, translations will be calculated according to the number of words of the text to be translated. Prices per word in the source text will differ between € 0.12 and € 0.80 depending on the language combination and the difficulty of the source text.


If the translation price is to be calculated according to the number of lines, then one line is regarded as having 55 keystrokes inclusive of blank keys.


Certain text formats may also be calculated on the basis of a lump sum.


Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and Editing will be calculated by the number of pages according to the difficulty and the necessary time frame.


Interpreting Services

Interpreter services will be calculated on an hourly basis. Calculation on a daily basis is also possible.


Business Seminars

Coaching und Business Seminare werden nach Stunden oder Tagessätzen abgerechnet.


Please send us an email or just give us a phone call! We will gladly inform you about the prices for our services and make you an offer without engagement. contact.png