Russian for Beginners

You only know „Na zdorowje“ and shy away from the Cyrillic alphabet?

Gather courage and take on this new challenge!


With our LANGUAGEBIZ learning method you will be able to read Cyrillic letters already during your first lesson. You will also succeed in writing Cyrillic letters within a short time, as you will learn reading and writing them simultaneously.


Biases about Russian as being one of the world’s most difficult languages will soon be a matter of the past for you. With a regular diet of four to five lessons per week you will master the followings tasks already after six months:



General abilities:

  • reading
  • writing (print and longhand)
  • greetings
  • various ways of saying good-bye
  • understanding and using everyday expressions and simple sentences
  • numbers (from 0 to one million)
  • times of the day


Small Talk: 

  • talking about “My family and I”
  • talking about “my job”
  •  talking about “my friends and I”
  • talking about “my hobbies and leisure activities”
  • talking about elementary topics


Business conversation:


  • taking phone calls and putting them through to other people
  • understanding short emails
  • replying to emails by sending short emails


We are looking forward to familiarizing you with Russian! Please contact us! contact.png