Language Training for internationally active Companies

No matter in which industry your company or your team are doing business, we offer you a professional language training which is tailor made and geared to your business needs as well as your individual timetable.


LANGUAGEBIZ will cover all the language needs of your company in a competent manner.


Members of our team are specialists for the following languages:


  • German
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Danish
  • Polish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Turkish
  •  Thai
  • French
  • Schwedish
  • Spanish

You just tell us your request and our team will take care of it.


If you should be interested in other Western European languages and languages of the former CIS or other Asian languages we will be happy to fulfil your wishes.


We follow the Q&Q principle which stands for quality and qualifications. All our language trainers are native speakers and fully trained teachers.


In principle, we teach Western European languages by using the target language, as this method will guarantee you a quick success.


Asian and Eastern European languages such as Japanese and Russian will be taught bilingually. (With this teaching method German and English will each be feasible as source language.) By doing so, we make sure that grammatical structures will be understood easily and quickly.


Our qualified and competent language teachers will be responsive to your company’s needs and learning objectives and will draw up an individual study programme for your.


The following training methods are being offered:

Single Training


This is the most effective and fastest way of improving or freshing up your knowledge of a foreign language. The language training follows the principle one student – one trainer. This way of teaching is the best for beginners.


Duo or Trio Training (2-3 students)


In a group consisting of two to three students and one language trainer supporting each other language-wise is great fun. At the same time this is the perfect opportunity to improve you communication skills with and through you learning partner. Moreover, this method will also reduce costs.


Group Training (4-8 students)


This way of teaching is optimal for co-workers having the same learning objective. Before every kind of language training comes a cost-free grading. This will enable us to concentrate on the individual needs of every student. Our training methods make room for different target skills such as communication, grammar and correspondence. Our experienced language trainers will concentrate on your specific request.


Please call on us and we will gladly visit you. contact.png